Mercury Racing propeller specialists have enhanced the performance of the five-blade Maximus propeller to strategic Lab Finishing specifications for maximum performance.

The recently introduced Maximus five-blade is working it's way to being one of the best performers for step bottom boats offering incredible slip reduction capabilities ... translation, eye popping planing performance, jaw dropping mid-range speeds and with many applications increased top end speeds over the Bravo I propeller.

The Maximus is offered in 15 5/8" diameter for go fast step Vee bottoms with high "X" dimension. The 15 1/4" diameter is offered specifically for the Shorty Sport Master where gearcase clearance is critical. The 15" diameter is a must for the awesome performance Cats and go fast party boats. Pitch range is 23" through 35" in one inch increments.

Mercury Racing is pleased to announce the release of the Lab Finished Maximus ST (Short Tube) propeller. This custom Maximus ST was originally built for high performance OEM boat builders including Fountain, Eliminator, Donzi, Outerlimits, Sunsation and many others. The shortened exhaust tube (some people refer to it as the diffuser ring or barrel) settles the stern of select hulls, resulting in a 2-4 mph increase in top-end speed. If you are running a standard long tube Maximus and you feel the stern of the boat is lifting, the propeller(s) could be the cause. Switch to Maximus ST.

See your authorized Mercury dealer and order Maximus ST propellers for use on your hull today!


Diameter 15", 15 1/4" & 15 5/8"
Pitch 23" - 35"
Rotation LH & RH
Finish Lab



  • Designed to run 70+ MPH with medium bow lift
  • For 300 - 600 HP sterndrive vee, stepped vee & air entrapment hulls