Offshore racers and poker runners looking to maximize their hull performance turn to Mercury Racing's CNC machined cleaver sterndrive propellers.

The highly polished props are the result of a need for a durable propeller design with stamina to transfer the massive torque and surface piercing impact of the Mercury Racing's revolutionary quad cam four valve (QC4v) 1350 sterndrive engine package.

The 5-blade propeller is available with 15,18 or 21-degree blade rake angles offered in 600 hp, 900 hp, 1200 hp and 1500 hp power ratings. Models range from 15 inches (381 mm) to 18 inches (457.2 mm) diameters and pitch ranges from 30 inches (762 mm) to 40 inches (1016 mm) and limited 26 – 29-inch pitch. Each carries a one- year limited warranty when used within is maximum power rating on a Mercury Racing sterndrive engine package.

Contact Mercury Racing Propellers representative Scott Reichow at 920-924-2037 for additional information on the new Mercury Racing Pro Finish CNC sterndrive propellers.


  • All new CNC Machine producing five-blade sterndrive cleaver propellers
  • Machine and software exclusive to Mercury Racing
  • All new castings and machining process for precise - exact tolerances
  • Produces perfectly matched sets of propellers resulting with enhanced operating efficiency and propeller durability
  • Castings feature new hub with Mercury Racing and the part number engraved on the back of the hub
  • Models range from 15" (381 mm) to 18" (457.2 mm) diameters and pitch ranges from 30" (762 mm) to 40" (1016 mm) and limited 26" to 29" pitch.
  • Process greatly reduces turn around time of new prop orders.
  • Mercury Racing propeller technicians lab finish each propeller to exact tolerances